The group of companies "Russian Chrome" is developing and testing technologies for mineral and man-made materials demanded by the market of products containing oxides of silicon, iron, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, chromium, manganese, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, alkaline metals.

Universal leaching technology acids (nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid) followed by reduction of the solution can be used for processing of sulphide, sulphide, oxide and oxide ore systems to select all raw material components in the form of the individual oxides. The technology can include obtaining concentrates from various ore types (manganese, chromium concentrate), electrolysis of manganese oxide and chromium oxide, manganese metal preparation and chromium.

Our technologies are environmentally friendly, cleaner and highly efficient in economic terms. The benefits of mineral processing and chemical production waste with the latest technology are obvious - innovation, improve the ecological situation in the region, to provide further economic profit enterprises, investment in production, the creation of new jobs.

Services for development of new technologies for the processing industry

  • The development and testing of new technical regulations
  • Getting the raw data for the design of industrial production
  • Testing of raw materials for suitability before going into production on a specific technology
  • Getting technical solutions to environmental safety of planned production
  • Training of staff

Production of manganese concentrate - new technology in the world practice of Mining and Metallurgical Construction

  • Chemical conversion of the carbonate ore into oxide ore
  • Processing of artificial oxide ore into the highly concentrated manganese compounds

The primary characteristic:

  • Chemical conversion of ore (no energy-consuming method of separation). For production 1ton of manganese concentrate it is consumed 3.8 tons ore concentration of 24.83% and 777.13 kg of sulfuric acid;
  • Chemical destruction of carbonates provides an increase of manganese concentrate production up to 200%;
  • Increasing the productivity of the equipment, installation - 200%;
  • Energy savings - 300-400%;
  • No loss of manganese - 600-750%;
  • Environmental component: a significant reduction in water consumption through recycling, using the heat in winter only, the lack of wastewater;
  • Reduction of solid waste (slag) - 150-200%.

Services of Russian Chrome