Building rubble

Building rubble

GOST 8267-93

Fractions 5-10, 10-20, 20-40 mm

OKP code - 571110

Inorganic granular bulk material with grains of size in excess of 5 mm, obtained by crushing rock, incidentally extracted overburden and host rock or rejects mining enterprises for processing of ores and non-metallic minerals other industries, followed by sieving products division.
Crushed stone is used for the production of concrete and its products, at the time of laying the foundations of buildings, road construction.


Characteristics of the product
Indicator5-10 mm10-20 mm20-40 mm
The content of lamellar (flaky) & needle shape, % 37,5 6,5 1,3
The content of dust and clay particles, % 0,45 0,40 0,30
Content of soft rock, % 18,0 5,0 4,5
The clay content in the lumps, % No No No
Bulk density, kg/m3 1067 1187 1293
Brand strength (divisibility)) 1200 1400 1200
Mark of abrasion I1 I1 I1
Frost-resistance F200 F300 F300
The content of hazardous components and impurities within the normal range within the normal range within the normal range