X-ray amorphous silicon dioxide

Silicon dioxide

X-ray amorphous silica
X-ray amorphous silica (silicon dioxide) is an analogue of natural minerals such as tripoli, gaize, pumice, diatomaceous earth. Is a raw material for one-step method waterglass, as well as for the production of white carbon and foam glass granules. Addition of silica fume in concrete improves the vintage produced concrete up to 1.5-2 mark. Concrete is a more sleek, with no shells on the front surface, a pleasant blue-gray color. But microsilica not only gives an aesthetic look, the main thing - it seriously improves the quality characteristics of concrete: strength (up to 1000 MPa) and sulphate (90-100%), wear resistance, cold resistance (F600-F1000), chemical resistance - reduced water permeability (W12-W16). What's more - the use of silica fume can receive from low grades of cement concrete the new concrete with high performance and structural features (High Performance Concrete).

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