The project involves the creation of a modern waste-free high-tech production of liquid products for sale on the Russian market, which has stable competitive qualities. The technologies used for this production are new scientific and technical developments based on the principles of hydrometallurgy, which allow profitable processing of mineral raw materials, which were considered unpromising until recently.
The production is planned to be organized on the basis of the current production and processing of serpentinites in the southern Urals, currently carried out by JSC "Chrome", in order to obtain and sell chromium-containing compounds. Mined rocks, containing chromite, also contain a high percentage of magnesium oxide (up to 48%), and new technological approaches can serve as the best raw material for the production deficit in the Russian market of high-purity magnesium oxide (used in the manufacture of high quality refractories for metallurgy), and also for the production of other marketable products such as iron oxide, silica and sodium sulfate.
Currently, JSC "Chrome" has sufficient reserves of finished raw materials for continuous uninterrupted supply of production capacity of 30 thousand tons per year. Reserves of magnesium-containing raw materials are constantly replenished due to the company's ongoing production of chromites. The serpentinite Deposit developed by the license holder - JSC "Chrome" is estimated at 5 million tons.
To implement the project, it is necessary to expand and retrofit the existing production base of JSC "Chrome". To date, the forces and means of the company carried out all the necessary preparatory work and research necessary for the qualitative updating of the project.


Propants are a granule-like material for wedging, which is used in the oil industry to improve the efficiency of well returns using hydraulic fracturing (fracking) technology.
The essence of fracking is to create and fix cracks in the reservoir of oil and gas bearing rocks. Under high pressure, a mixture of liquid and a special proppant is injected into the formation, which fills the cracks and maintains their high conductivity. Currently, fracking is one of the widely used methods for increasing the productivity of wells in the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation.

JSC "Chrom" holds a license for the production of complex chromium-magnesium raw materials in the Beloretsk district of the Republic of Bashkortostan and has an industrial site in Beloretsk with the necessary infrastructure for the construction of a plant for the production of propants with a capacity of up to 150 thousand tons per year.
The unique properties of complex chromium-magnesium raw materials from our own field "Lactybash" allow us to obtain proppants that meet all the requirements of GOST and the needs of potential consumers.


The rapid growth of global consumption of organic products and, as a result, the growing need for ecological farming, create conditions for creating a new market for environmentally friendly fertilizers based on natural phosphates and organic humic substances.
Every year Russia produces about 400 million tons of fresh manure, which is, on the one hand, a dangerous waste containing helminth larvae, pathogenic microflora and a large number of germinating seeds of weeds, and on the other hand - the most important raw material for the production of organic fertilizers necessary to preserve soil fertility. Fresh manure on the level of chemical pollution of the environment is 10 times more dangerous than municipal waste.
The proposed innovative solution for the utilization of manure involves its complex processing into organic fertilizers. The new technology of manure processing is based on the use of reagents that within an hour translate toxic waste in liquid form (hazard class III) into a powdered organomineral component (hazard class V), while destroying all pathogenic microflora and unpleasant odors. Additionally, highly digestible natural phosphate and nitrogen fertilizer are introduced, after which the powdered mixture is granulated, dried and packed.
The company's products will be environmentally friendly granulated organic-mineral fertilizers with different concentrations of the main nutrient components: N, P, K, Mg, S and humic substances, selected for each type of soil. Granulated organic-mineral fertilizers will be produced on a pilot industrial line located in a complex with a warehouse, a factory laboratory and an administrative and household building.
Capacity of pilot production of granular fertilizers is 432,000 tons per year.


  • Chemical conversion of carbonate ore into oxide.
  • Processing of artificial oxide ore into highly concentrated manganese compounds.


  • Chemical conversion of ore (no energy-consuming separation method). To obtain 1 ton of manganese concentrate, 3.8 tons of ore with a concentration of 24.83% and 777.13 kg of sulfuric acid are consumed.
  • Chemical destruction of carbonates provides an increase in the production of manganese concentrate up to 200%
  • Increase the productivity of equipment, installation-200%
  • Energy savings of 300-400%
  • No manganese losses at 600-750%
  • Environmental component: significant reduction of water consumption due to recycling, use of heat only in winter, no waste water;
  • Reduction of solid waste (slag) by 150-200%.

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