The project of waste-free processing of serpentinite

The project involves the creation of a modern waste-free production of high-tech liquid products for sale on the Russian market, which has sustained competitive qualities. The technology used for this production are the new scientific and technical developments that are based on the principles of hydrometallurgy that enable profitable to process minerals, considered until recently unpromising.

Production is planned to organize on the basis of the existing mining and processing of serpentinite in the southern Urals, the ongoing JSC "The Mining Company "Chrome" with the aim of obtaining and implementing chromium compounds. Extracted rocks enclosing chromites, also contain a high percentage of magnesium oxide (48%) and new technological approaches can serve as raw material for low-cost production deficit in Russia high purity magnesium oxide (used in the production of high-quality refractories for metallurgy) and also for production of other highly-products such as iron oxide, silica and sodium sulfate. At present, the mining company "Chrome" has sufficient stocks of finished materials to keep uninterrupted supply design capacity of production of magnesium oxide during the year, and are estimated at 20 million tons. Stocks of magnesium raw materials is constantly replenished by the ongoing mining chromite now. The field of serpentinite, developed by the licensee - JSC "The Mining Company "Chrome" estimated at 5 million tons.

For the project to expand and retrofit the existing industrial base of JSC "The Mining Company "Chrome". Today the forces and resources of all the necessary preparatory work and research required to update the quality of the project.