Synthetic olivine

Synthetic olivine

TU 1515-006-52967881-2015
Synthetic Olivine is a water free crystalline mineral with no emission of carbon dioxide when heated, which will not enter into reaction with water or steam. Synthetic Olivine is a complete analog of natural origin, which is widely used in the production of sintered and chemically bonded refractories. Olivine has high fire resistance and low thermal conductivity and is an environmentally friendly mineral without creating risks for the health of the user. Olivine is used in the manufacture of castable refractorys, refractory gunning mixes and various repair mass. During the continuous casting on the steel plants the lining is applied by spraying or brushing on the inner surface of the tundish. These masses require a high fire resistance and excellent insulating properties. By combining magnesia, olivine, fiber and a suitable binder material can be obtained a high durable material with such properties.

Characteristics of the Synthetic Olivine

Parameter Value
Mass fraction of MgO, %, not less than 45
Mass fraction of SiO2, %, not more than 43
Fraction, mm 2-6
Humidity, %, not more 0,5
Sintering temperature, °C, not less than 1450
Initial melting point, °C, not less than 1760
Melting point, °C 1800…1850

Test report of the synthetic olivine

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