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Agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive»

Agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive»

TU 2189-004-52967881-2009
Agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive» is intended as an improver in agriculture to clean soil and water from acidification and heavy metals. Agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive» is produced during the processing of rock - serpentine, by crushing, grinding, mechanical and thermal activation. «Serpenactive» packaged in consumer and transport packages. Appearance: powder from gray to brownish-gray in color, grain size 200 microns, and odorless.

Characteristics of the Agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive»

Indicator Value
Magnesium oxide, %, within 36,0…42,0
Silicium oxide, %, within 34,15…40,75
Aluminium oxide, %, within 0,1…0,6
Iron, %,, within 3,08…7,0
Loss on ignition (100°C), %, within 13,4…18,2
Hygroscopic moisture, %, within 1,67…3,0

State registration and certification of the agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive»

Guidelines for the use of the agrochemical fertilizer «Serpenactive»

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